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Missed Call Service to reply with a Text Message in India?

A call reaches the receiver end when the ring starts. The devices can read the caller number without attending, this is what is shown in caller ID. Miss call service is not provided by telecom operators, where as by the aggregators.The calls thus initiated are disconnected and an SMS is originated from the gateway side to the same number. This is actually two services implemented together...

Misscall helps improve education quality

With the advance education institutions across India, to keep pace with demand, education is a highly evolving industry.Today, educational institutions and colleges have to communicate with potential students, current students, as well as teachers, administrators and employees.Our MCA Service to be communicated are as diverse as they are direct and speed is of the essence.

24/7 Response Using Missed Call Services for Small Business in India

The first impression you give to your customers is the one that lasts the longest. If a customer can’t reach your company over the phone, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle in that sales pitch; if they ring back at all. We know that SME’s have it tough. There’s a variety of excuses for not picking up the phone but when you consider that 85% of all missed calls will not call back, can you afford to let it ring?The first impression you give to your customers is the one that lasts the longest.

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Success Story with iMissedcall.in

Recently there has been a big leap shown by enterprise houses to adopt missed call service to promote their business and brand.OLA CAB and KFC has recently adopted  missed call platform to promote hot deals and local searches in the local city.  PNB (Punjab National Bank) has already offered balance enquiry system through missed call.

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IMissed Call Service : A new Era of Technology

We know your business always needs new business leads. A Survey on effective lead management shows that 88% of companies do not manage their leads effectively. In this competitive world you need to be very innovative and always be taking the help of technology to sustain in the market place. Imisscall.in is an alternate way to capture customer response, lead or communicate withusers when they give a missed call to a number. "IMISSCALL" missed call platform offers multiple opportunities.

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