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Missed Call for phone Verification

Verify the User and Mobile Number by asking to give a Missed Call on your iMissedCall number.You can avoid lengthy forms and can also save outgoing messaging cost for verifying mobile number as our system can push the real time missed call notifications to your Server.We have helped verify over 1 million mobile numbers, saving hundreds of dollars and man-hours for our clients. We’ll help you say good-bye to junk leads!

How it work? :- When a new call arrives on your number our system automatically rejects the call after one ring and pushes the information on real time to your Web panel/Server along with the Call Number, Time, Location, Operator

For missed call based customer verification and transaction authorization, You can easily integrate i-Misscall API ( Version 2 ) into your Customer Registration Modules OR Order Processing Modules. For better understanding, We are providing you a very simple but powerful sample code. ( You can download it and use it for own purpose, Code can be downloaded from the attachment section at the end of this article. ) The attachment contains 3 files.

Missed Call based application in Business

It is designed to cater for various organizational needs depending upon specific task required to be achieved. Missed call service provides an array of services for all classes of the business.

Registration and Coupons

To receive coupons, discounts and offers at the doorstep, simply through a missed call,To receive coupons, discounts and offers at the doorstep.

Products Enquiry

For enquiry for other any products and services, missed call alerts are used that are used to call back.

Products Survay

Online polling campaign can be done using this services,Connect to the customers obtain their opinion survey in real time using missed call alerts.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback, customer ratings can be collected using missed call services.Call back request by giving missed call is the most cost effective call.

Free Support

Our 30 Members Dedicated team are available 24 Hours for client support. You Can reach anytime with call.


Integrate our API and URL forarding with your CRM, No extra charges for API and URL access

Our service plan



  • 10,000 Missed Call
  • 1 Month Validity
  • Auto reply SMS (100 Free)
  • -
  • -
  • Free number



  • 25,000 Missed Call
  • 3 Month Validity
  • Auto reply SMS (250 Free)
  • Free API
  • Free URL forwarding
  • Free number



  • Unlimited
  • 1 Year validity
  • Auto reply SMS (1000 Free)
  • Free API
  • Free URL forwarding
  • Free number